I recently shuttered my Wordpress blog www.onceyougodigital.com. I had two problems with it:

  1. It was a record of my time in graduate school, but it was getting increasingly stale.
  2. It was getting bulky with themes and plugins, requiring frequent updates, with the content locked up in a database somewhere more or less outside my control.

I decided to burn it down and start over.

Problem 1

My blog was no longer representative of my life and work. As it grew more out-of-date, the idea of resurrecting it became increasingly burdensome. I looked into transferring the content to a free platform so at least I wasn’t paying for it anymore, but… ugh.

I strive to let go of material attachments, and I enjoy purging physical belongings from time to time, so why not digital belongings? See you later, blog.

Problem 2

Wordpress is fine for certain sites, but I just want a simple home for writing and documenting my projects. I wanted a basic blog with a simple layout that gave me as much control over style and content as possible.

I had been interested in trying a static site generator for a while. I dabble in Ruby at work, so Jekyll moved to the top of my list. When I found out you can host a Jekyll site on Github Pages with a custom domain – for free – I was sold.

Let’s do this

This blog will be a record of my professional life doing data work at Kickstarter and of my personal life in Brooklyn. I may write mostly about data, math, and statistics. Or I may expand to subjects like electronic music, burritos, and urban design. I’m keeping it loose this time. No attachments.